Friday, February 25, 2011

Desktop Vs Laptop

So ever since I've been blogging it's always been on my laptop, I haven't actually owned a desktop computer since I moved away from home over five years ago. My laptop of the last two and a half years is a trusty MacBook which I use a purple case for. What having a laptop means though is I don't have a designated computer area.

What about you, do you have a laptop or a desktop? Does you have a specific area where you always keep your computer, or does it end up anywhere in the apartment you feel like (mine certainly does)? 


  1. I used to have a laptop, but after it died, I bought a desktop. So much easier and cheaper to upgrade. But I love the portability of a laptop.

  2. I had a desktop when I first went to college and absolutely loved it. But I got a laptop a couple years in (my program required one), and I absolutely loved the portability of it.

    My husband also has a laptop and we have a desktop we share. We primarily use our laptops (his is for school, mine for...everything) and the desktop is our backup and has all of our music on it. It works for us. But I would most definitely take my laptop over a desktop any day!

  3. We packed up our desktop when we moved nearly 3 years ago, and went strictly laptops. It is so much easier IMO.


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