Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meghan Review: Found in Translation by: Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche

I had no idea how large a role translation plays in everyday life until I read this little non-fiction account about  the ways in which language transforms the world. Packed with fascinating human interest stories, funny anecdotes, and a huge number of facts, Found in Translation offers a look inside the secret world of translators.

One of the things I appreciated most about Found in Translation was that it was easily accessible to the reader, regardless of their language background. I believe a gifted translator would enjoy this book just as much as me, an English-only speaker. The book is divided up into broad sections of areas where translation is important, from "Saving Lives and Protecting Rights in Translation" to "Entertaining Fans and Playing to the Crowd in Translation."

Though I had some familiarity with how translation was used for political negotiations between countries, I was intrigued by the many roles translators play in people's more personal lives. The love and romance angle was especially interesting---the anecdote about a translator working for a long-distance dating service by translating for new couples over the phone made me laugh out loud! (I garnered some strange looks in the Columbus airport, but it was totally worth it!). 

My only critique of the book overall was that at times, the pacing could be slow. Each individual section was well-organized, but there was little connection between those sections, and that made it a little hard to get through.  

Recommended to: lovers of language, your relative from overseas, the college student you know that is going abroad next semester, anyone who needs a vacation

Release Date: October 2nd, 2012  Pages: 288 Format: Paperback  
Source: Publisher Publisher: Perigee Trade  Buy It: Book Depository

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Meghan Review: Married Love by Tessa Hadley

I've just recently gotten into the world of short stories after years and years of being a novel devotee. Although I still love novels for a plethora of reasons, I feel like the short story is such a diverse and compelling form---and as a college student, I am always grateful to have something I can read quickly! (Reading a short story between classes is a lot easier to accomplish than trying to finish a 400 page tome!)

Married Love by Tessa Hadley is an excellent collection of the short story form. Each story is well-written and narratively strong with unique characters. One of the things that appealed to me most about the book as a whole was Hadley's prose. She excels at being specific, without sacrificing any detail or artistry. This kind of conciseness is something that I struggle with as a writer, so it always impresses me when an author executes it with the kind of style Hadley employs. 

My favorite story in the collection was the final one, "Post Production." It follow the life of Lynne after Albert Arno, her famous filmmaker husband, dies suddenly and unexpectedly. As the studio works to finish his last movie without him, Lynne tries to define exactly who Albert was and what he meant in her life--and uncovers  new definitions of herself, as well. The closing line of the story is bittersweet and powerful and it knocked around in my head for days afterwards: 
"Meanwhile she gave herself over to the ordinary dirty traffic, the laboring stop-start of her bus journey, the smells of wet wool and hair and trainers, and the motley collection of passengers  mostly not talking to one another, only into their mobiles." 
A quick and yet powerful read, Married Love is a great way to finish out your 2012 reading list.

Recommended to: anyone who likes the J.K. Rowling's writing style or Chekov's short stories, tea drinkers, people who don't mind rainy days, anyone with a bus or subway commute that would rather read

Release Date: November 20th 2012  Pages: 240 Format: Paperback  
Also By This Author: The London Train SourceTLC Book Tours  
Publisher: Harper Perennial  Buy It: Book Depository

This is a review by Meghan. You can find her here on Goodreads or on Twitter @meghanc303

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Looking for an Associate Book Reviewer!


I really love what Meghan brings to In The Next Room, and considering PhD life is just getting crazier, I'm putting out another request for a second associate reviewer for the blog.

Unlike last time, it is okay if you already have a blog of your own. That said, you have to be willing to commit to two reviews a month and they cannot be cross-posted– though I will link to your blog on the review :)

I'm pretty open to the types of books being featured on In The Next Room, but erotica or anything really heavy in that regard is not going to be the best fit. I also don't usually feature self-published books. Still, this is something that can be discussed if you're interested in the position.

What I can offer...
  • A great audience for your reviews, as In The Next Room currently has over 1,400 subscribers. It's a fantastic way to get your name out there! You will be fully credited by name on your reviews. I can also link to your social networking site of choice or your own book blog.
  • Once we have developed a relationship, you will probably be able to get books (or e-books) for review. I won't guarantee this, but I do have contacts that are going mainly unused as I have been very selective in accepting books for review these days, while I continue to receive daily requests. This is especially true if you are Canadian, though I also have some American contacts. If you're located elsewhere, it would only be e-books unless you want to develop your own publishing relationships :)
  • There is also the possibility of interviewing or working with authors on blog tours.
  • As somebody who has been running a book blog for over two years, I have a lot of experience that I can offer. I can also answer any questions you may have about blogging. It would be a great learning experience and introduction to the book blogging world. 
You will not be compensated for your reviews.

I am willing to take on more than one associate reviewer if those interested are a good fit! I may be flexible on some of these guidelines, so don't hesitate to contact me :) You can reach me at 

Thanks so much everyone!