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Unstoppable in Stilettos by Lauren Ruotolo

Taking care of your health is the second nicest thing you can do for yourself. Loving yourself is the first. So give it a go.

Pretty You.
Unstoppable in Stilettos: A Girl's Guide to Living Tall in a Small World is a memoir meets self-help book by Lauren Ruotolo. Ruotolo was born with an extremely rare (1 in 100,000 to 1 in 1 million) and mysterious disease called McCune-Albright syndrome which causes her to have short legs, hormonal imbalances, and easily breakable bones. For this reason Ruotolo had started her period at nine months and broken her hips 4 times by the time she was eight years old. Despite these setbacks, she refused to live life from a wheelchair and instead manages each day using her own method of transportation- stiletto heels and crutches. Not only do the heels add to her 4 feet 2 inches, but they also happen to look fabulous. All throughout her life, Ruotolo has never been one who lets other people tell her what she's capable of, so when she has thirty job interviews without being hired (possibly because potential employers think she'll need special medical insurance or benefits), what does she do but go on a thirty first which turns out to the lucky one.

In Unstoppable in Stilettos, Ruotolo uses her own life as an example for her positive philosophy, which focuses on a woman having self-confidence and surrounding herself with positive influences. Ruotolo refuses to conform to other peoples labels for her and she shows the reader why they don't have to either. You may not have a genetic medical condition standing in your way, but everyone has barriers, and this book contains eight steps for helping to get past them. What makes Unstoppable in Stilettos sparkle is Ruotolo's fun voice, even though I'm not at all into fashion but I still enjoyed what she had to say. I appreciated that although Ruotolo preaches confidence, she admits that nobody is ever going to be 100% happy with their body- sure, she doesn't like her hips which have been deformed because they have broken so many times, but instead she shows off parts of her body she does like. The main theme in Unstoppable in Stilettos is about focusing on the positive, because although nobody's life is perfect, there is always something good and it's something I took to heart when writing this review by also focusing on the good stuff. Unstoppable in Stilettos isn't a perfect book, but overall Ruotolo offers a positive message that certainly can't hurt to be reminded of. 

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Number of Pages: 192 pages
Published: October 2010

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  1. What a charming review. It is so easy to focus on the negative and it's always good to have a reminder to look on the bright side, especially from an author who had so many obstacles to overcome. Thanks so much for being on the tour!


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