Monday, November 01, 2010

Birthday Bookshelves

Although my boyfriend is not a reader himself, he knows how much my books to mean to me which is why he knew I'd love to have my first very own bookshelf for my birthday. He woke up before me Sunday morning and snuck into the guestroom to set it up and surprise me. I made sure to immediately start filling it up- isn't it gorgeous?

You can click the photos to enlarge if you're curious about the titles. These are actually almost entirely books I haven't read, as the ones I have are in storage at home in the meantime. So as you can tell I probably don't need to purchase any books any time soon... even though I will anyway.

 Top shelf
Bottom shelf
The entire beautiful thing in our hallway. He also got a gift card for Chapters to help fill it up- little did he realize how many books I actually already had hidden about our apartment. There is currently no organization system going on, I was just so excited to get them on the shelves. I'm usually all about alphabetizing though so that will likely happen in the future.

Overall it was a relaxing but lovely 22nd birthday. We went out to lunch but mostly just stayed home since I had to study, although I didn't really. We also got groceries in the afternoon- I guess I've outgrown any kind of partying. 

Have you ever gotten an amazing bookish gift from somebody who wasn't a bookworm themselves?
Personally I think that makes it even more special.

(And don't worry, I'm going to keep trying to convert him.)


  1. Happy Birthday - what a perfect present, I am so jealous of all your books!
    Brendan doesnt love reading and I am always trying to convert him - its not working though.

  2. Nope- I have never gotten a book related gift per say. A blog reader sent me a FABULOUS Edward Cullen bookmark which I adore. ;) But I need a new bookshelf. I have one that is totally full and currently have books on the floor. SHAMEFUL.

  3. What a wonderful present! My husband bought me a big bookshelf for my birthday as well, and he is definitely NOT a reader.


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