Sunday, November 07, 2010

In My Mailbox (October 31st-November 6th 2010)

My mailbox was pretty happy this week, I got a few books for upcoming tours I'm participating in and they all look really good and I'm looking forward to starting all of them.

{For Review}
Unstoppable in Stilettos by Lauren Ruotolo (TLC Tours)
Everything I Never Wanted to Be by Dina Kucera (ARC) (Pump Up Your Book)
Salting Roses by Lorelle Marinello (ARC) (TLC Tours)
Stay With Me by Sandra Rodriguez Barron (ARC) (TLC Tours)

The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood
Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls
Center of Winter by Marya Hornbacher
The Collected Stories of Lorrie Moore
The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

The books I bought all look awesome of course. I loved Hornbacher's memoirs, Wasted and Madness, so I figured it was time to spurge on her novel which the library doesn't have. It will be awhile til I get a chance to read Center of Winter but hopefully it is just as beautifully written as her non-fiction works.

This weekend besides schoolwork I'll also be enjoying Unstoppable in Stilettos, Arsenic and Clam Chowder and By Nightfall. A little ambitious I know, but there are just so many good books to read. Coming up for review next week I have the odd but awesome Of Bees and Mist, the non-fiction Unstoppable in Stilettos as well as the young adult Bones of Faerie and the romance All I Ever Wanted. Variety is the best right?

After getting a couple more ARCs in my mailbox I realize I have no idea what the book blog obsession with them is... they are not as pretty, not as sturdy and liable to typos- I definitely prefer finished copies, anyone care to explain?

Feel free to leave a link to your mailbox in the comments.


  1. I cannot wait to read your review of Everything I Never Wanted. Mine goes up on Tuesday and I have already re-read it. It was THAT good. And it had a personal thing to me in it, so my review is going to get a bit personal. :)

  2. I am completely there with you on the ARC, I have decided I don't want to read them but I would be happy to be a first reader of the completed copy. I honestly think the hype is being part of the '1st in crowd' but I can be wrong.

    On to your Mailbox :-) Hope you enjoy, the Hornbacher caught my attention, I have never heard of this author so will definitely read your reviews etc. I really enjoyed Glass Castle so I should read HBH also.

  3. Everything I Never Wanted to Be looks great! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

  4. @Marce- Half Broke Horses is amazing, I read it from the library and needed my own copy to reread. Book depository has it for only $6, shipping anywhere. Amazing book!

  5. Hi! This looks great! Stay with Me is on my TBR list- which keeps growing lol I had a fun MG novel IMM this week Thanks!

  6. Happy reading and have a great rest of the weekend!
    here is mine

  7. The Harper Collins rep at SIBA raved over Salting Roses, so I bet you're in for a treat with that one. Enjoy!

  8. Your entire list looks great. I'm seeing Salting Roses in a lot of mailboxes. Hope it's a good read!

  9. Salting Roses catches my eye! For me personally, I like ARCs because they're free, so I'm willing to put up with typos. I feel guilty taking finished copies that have been polished and packaged for sale. Here's my Mailbox. Happy reading!

  10. Salting Roses looks so good. I enjoyed By Nightfall, and it's fairly short so shouldn't take too long. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  11. What great books you received this week! I love anthologies and story collections, too .. for some reason, it seems like you just get "more" AND you don't have to devote a big block of time to finish reading one of the stories@ Enjoy them all.

    I have quite a few ARC's as well; although I don't overtly seek them out. If it's a story that I'll enjoy, I'm happy to receive it ahead of time, though. I don't hoard ARC's though; as soon as I'm done, I try to get them off to another book blogger .. that way there's more publicity from it.

    Oh! So I read an article over at The Story Siren this week. Did you know that it costs more to print ARC's than it does a finished copy of a book? Because there are less printed, the quantity discounts are lower. Just some trivia; may come in useful for a Jeopardy segment or something :)

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  12. This looks like an awesome mailbox week - great variety for sure. enjoy


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