Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Wishlist Lust

I like the idea of Top Ten Tuesday, because I like lists. But I rarely feel like sticking to the one proposed. This week, I instead present a top ten list of upcoming standalone YA novels that I'm lusting over. I did a post awhile ago on sequels I'm excited about, and I'm sure I'll have more posts on more amazing books I want to read in the future. But here are some I'm particularly excited about at the moment! The books are in no particular order.
1. Splintered by A.G. Howard (January 1st 2013)

There are a few Alice in Wonderland inspired titles coming out in the near future, but Splintered caught my eye– even when there was no creepy wonderful cover– because of the scary and unique twist. The Wonderland curse means that sixteen year old Alyssa hears whispers that she shouldn't, and if she can't solve the mystery, she's doomed for the same descent into madness that plagued generations before her.

2. Never Let You Go by Emma Carlson Berne (December 4th 2012)

Even though this is released in December, it sounds like the perfect summer read, a mix of betrayals and romance and just a hint of dark secrecy.
3.  Tilt by Ellen Hopkins (September 11th 2012)

I most certainly should not be adding more Hopkins books to my wishlist since I still have a few of hers I haven't read (I even have copies of Triangles and Impulse just waiting for me!) but of course I'm excited about this new release. The storyline of falling in love with somebody who is HIV positive sounds instantly heartbreaking, but Hopkins always excels when taking on difficult topics, so I'm sure this will be no exception.

4. Forget Me Not by Carolee Dean (October 2nd 2012)

Sounds like a really emotional and compelling YA novel, and I love how it's tackling such a crucial contemporary issue through a central conflict that involves texting. It's also got a paranormal twist, involving a boy who can see ghosts and an MC that is already half-dead, so I'll be curious how that plays into the story. 
5. The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver (October 2nd 2012)

Well, for one thing, I've previously claimed I'd read anything Oliver ever wrote including "restaurant menu or instructions for installing a television", as quoted from my review of her first middle grade novel Liesl and Po, which I adored. But even if I hadn't this sounds like the perfect kind of middle grade novel, great storytelling, adventure, and magic. I'm confident it'll be another ageless story to keep on my bookshelf.

6. My Life in Black & White by Natasha Friend (June 28th 2012)

This novel about a girl who is used to being the pretty one, only to have a car accident, go head first through a windshield, and not be so pretty anymore, sounds instantly powerful. It's a complicated subject matter, but if Friend does it well, I feel like the story could be absolutely breath-taking.
7. Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield (July 5th 2012)

This debut novel grabbed me from the first time I read the blurb, and everything I've seen since has only further convinced me. Two dark and twisted stories: one girl alive, one girl dead. All I can say is I can't wait to read and experience it firsthand.

8. The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee (July 17th 2012)

Like Forget Me Not this is another book which takes on an important contemporary issue, bipolar illness, but with a fantastical twist. I wonder if it's a new trend, and I'm curious to see how Garsee combines the two. I hope it has the dark and creepy, yet emotional, storytelling that I'm looking for.
9. One Moment by Kristina McBride (June 26th 2012)

Admittedly, sometimes the "memory returning in snatches" concept can be overdone, but mystery and hidden beneath the surface darkness that this novel promises has me anxiously excited to give it a try.

10. Anything by Ordinary by Lara Avery (September 11th 2012)

I've always wondered about what it would be like to wake up from a coma years later and find out your whole life has changed, and that's exactly what happens in this novel. It sounds like it'll be really interesting to watch the MC pick up the pieces from the life she remembers and put them together with the life she now has.

Well, that's my current wishlist, is there any standalone YAs I should be adding to it? Are any of these titles on yours? If not, what is?

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  1. I hadn't even heard of some of these ones yet, Zoƫ, but they definitely sound like good ones. :D I'm especially excited for Splintered! That one looks amazing to me, too, and I didn't even know about Tilt yet...or I did, I'd forgotten, but I'm definitely excited now that I just finished Fallout! :D

    Thanks for sharing! :D


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