Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Features

While procrastinating studying for for my final I have had the opportunity to add a few new features to my site. First I added a Review Index, which organizes all the reviews I have posted so far by author alphabetically, making them a lot easier to find especially as we go into a new year. Don't forget you can still use the search box if you are looking for something though, and I try to tag all my posts appropriately.
The second feature I am particularly excited about because it's something I've wanted for awhile but my technological handicaps have made it difficult- In The Next Room now has it's very own button! The html for the button are available on the sidebar, but I've also included it below. 
Copy and past to share my button:
If you have a blog and are interested in swapping buttons with me it's definitely something I'm open to at the moment- as I'd really love to continue to get the word out. Blogging so much more fun when it's also a discussion of the books we're reading, and that's only possible when people comment.

Anyway, thanks to all my new followers, I was so excited to pass the 200 mark and hitting 220 today was pretty awesome. Don't forget to check out my on-going giveaways, Outside the Ordinary World, which ends on Friday, and Heidegger's Glasses. There will be more giveaways as well as reviews coming up soon, and regular posting will resume in about a week or so when my life is a little less crazy. I have quite a few Top Books lists I'm working on for the last week of December, and I'd also like to introduce a few new things into In The Next Room in the new year, including potential guest posts. In the meantime, take care and Happy Holidays.

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  1. I love the review index, how you have an author and then underneath it all the books you've read! Very clean and easy to navigate.


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