Sunday, December 05, 2010

2011 Reading Goals

One last post on 2011 reading for the day. So, I'm basically avoiding reading challenges for 2011, with two current exceptions (Jewish Literature and Short Story, although both seem to be technically defunct anyway). However my main reading goal for 2011 is to try to read more than I did in 2010, mostly because I tend to twist challenges to fit the books I want to read anyway rather than actually challenging myself. So as inspiration for my 2011 reading I've created a list of some reading goals, or books and authors I'd like to read, in the upcoming year. A lot of these books do overlap with the challenges I listed anyway. 
  • Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld
  • A book by Colum McCann
  • A book by Laurie Halse Anderson
  • A book by Ellen Hopkins
  • The History of Love by Nicole Krauss
  • A book by Lorrie Moore
  • A book by Lydia Davis
  • A book by Dave Eggers 
  • A book by Maile Meloy
  • A book by Milan Kundera  (Completed The Unbearable Lightness of Being)
  • A book by David Levithan (Completed The Lover's Dictionary)
  • Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky
  • The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood 
  • Center of Winter by Marya Hornbacher 
  • Finish Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman 
  • Finish Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
  • At least 2 plays  (Completed The Tempest and Lysistrata)
  • At least 5 books of poetry  (Completed Imaginary Logic, The Needle, Is, New Selected Poems: 1984-2004, Double Shadow)
  • Get my pile of review copies down to less than 20 unread books! 
Do you have any reading goals for 2011? Is there anything you're hoping to see reviewed on In The Next Room next year? Are you hosting a reading challenge you'd like me to join? It's definitely something I'd consider, but I am trying to focus on ones that allow me "read from my shelves". I'm 100% open to suggestions so feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks!


  1. You need to come join some read-a-longs! :) I'm just teasing. It looks like you have some great goals.

    I hope you love Leaves of Grass. I love Whitman!

  2. I've found readalongs work better for me than challenges. I like that it's just one book I have to commit to! I'm using challenges sort of like reading goals--not actually joining them, but keeping a list of the ones that look interesting and using them to guide my reading. I really like your list of goals, how you have specific books, authors, and genres picked for yourself. I really need to do something about all the unread books I already own!

  3. Great goals. My main goal is to try Memoirs, that will be a true challenge.

    I have read a few of your choices.

    I am having a I Want More Challenge, it is reading another book by an author that impressed you, you have only read 1 book by them. Here is the link if you consider.

  4. Answer to your query.

    You have only read 1 book by the author and it can't be part of a series, that is the real challenge.

    Hope that is clear. :-)


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