Thursday, December 02, 2010

Furniture For The Holidays

With Hanukkah starting last night, I admit I have presents on my mind. I am all about getting gifts for various holidays that could easily be considered boring. For example, my boyfriend got me a gorgeous bookshelf for my birthday that is both useful and that I love immensely. Another useful gift for the upcoming holiday season would be TV stands for flat screens, many of which have awesome storage space for movies, music or books also. I think the best gifts are the ones you'll get use of all year round.

How do you feel about traditionally "boring" gifts like home furnishings? What kind of gift would you really love this Christmas? 

Personally, I'm having a hard time coming up with anything I actually "need", especially since I recently treated myself to a large bundle of books using some birthday money, so I definitely shouldn't be buying anymore books til 2012 probably. It is feeling like cash may be the best choice again this year, as impersonal as it is. Or maybe a giftcard for the grocery store. I definitely don't need clothes, as I'd like to downsize my wardrobe as is, with the possible exception of some ski gear or thermalwear for these cold prairie winters. I may post a wish list if I come up with any concrete ideas.

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