Friday, July 01, 2011

Canadian Book Challenge 2011-2012

Last year I joined the Fourth Canadian Book Challenge. Although I was terrible at updating my list of Canadian books read (an understatement) I recently checked and I read at least twenty five last year. Click here to see my mostly full list.

I can't promise to be any better at keeping track of books this year, but I decided to join again anyway.

The goal of this challenge is to read at least 13 Canadian books between July 1st 2011 and July 1st 2012. I'm confident I'll complete this challenge, but I figure it is a nice way to keep some of my Canadian reviews together for those looking to pick up some of our fine country's literature.

To learn more about the challenge visit its homepage. 

Books Read:
  1. Addicted: Notes From the Belly of the Beast- edited by Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane 
  2. Vital Signs- Tessa McWatt
  3. Irma Voth- Miriam Toews 
  4. Swing Low- Miriam Toews 
  5. Half Blood Blues- Esi Edugyan
  6. --
  7. --
Tentative Reading List:
  1. Alone in the Classroom- Elizabeth Hay
  2. Annabel- Kathleen Winter
  3. Every Time We Say Goodbye- Jamie Zeppa
  4. The Mistress of Nothing- Kate Pullinger
  5. This Cake Is For The Party- Sarah Selecky 
  6. Touch- Alexi Zentner
  7. The Return- Dany Laferrière (translation, David Homel)
  8. Dogs at the Perimeter- Madeleine Thien
  9. The Better Mother- Jen Sookfong Lee
  10. The Thirteen- Susie Moloney

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