Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Author Sarah Winman On Publishing Her First Novel

The publication of my novel has surpassed all my hopes and imaginings, and therefore, when faced with the simple question of, How does it feel? All I ever seem to come up with are the words, overwhelming, and humbling.

I had always hoped to be published one day. That, for me, was the ultimate. But down to the vision and hard work of my publishers, and two elusive ingredients, my novel has crossed the bounds of those imaginings and attracted a readership I could never have imagined. I say elusive ingredients, because one must never forget the vital and potent forces of Timing and Luck. Would this novel have had the same response had it been published a year before? When the world was a year younger? Or a year later? I don’t know. I ponder the question to keep me aware of the fickle nature of the art world, and to keep my eye on the work. It must always be about the work, no matter what success has gone before.

To think that my work is out in the world making some people feel a little less lonely, or making some people laugh or think about a time before; to think that it’s out there promoting discussion or disagreements is what any art form is all about. And to have found a space for one’s voice in an already loud and cluttered world has a value beyond words.

It’s been quite an adventure, and When God was a Rabbit has taught me a huge amount about myself and the craft. A new world is starting to call now, and the portal awaits.

Sarah Winman is an actress who attended the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and has gone on to act in theater, film, and on television. When God was a Rabbit is her debut novel. She lives in London.

Thanks so much to Sarah for taking the time to stop by In The Next Room. You can find my review of the intriguing and beautifully written When God Was A Rabbit, here. To connect with Sarah, visit her Facebook.

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