Friday, October 21, 2011

To Readathon or Not to Readathon?

So I have tentatively decided to sign myself up! I will not be reading the full 24 hours as I need to maintain a decent sleep schedule, but I am making the plan to read lots and lots tomorrow before I go back to massive amounts of thesis-writing. Again, I may bow out if I get too stressed about school but I'm going to start the day (uhem, not six am like my start time, but when I wake up) with the full intention to participate. If I do I'm going to keep my posting down to one post that I'll regularly update throughout the day since I find it unmanageable and a bit annoying when bloggers post every ten minutes. Anyway, wish me luck, this is something I have seen happen many times and never joined in before I am excited and hopefully some day in the future I can do the full on participation that I admire.

Click here to join, are you participating? Let me know any helpful hints if you have them!

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  1. hi! No matter how much time you can devote, it will be fun. Happy Readathon!!


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