Friday, October 14, 2011

I redesigned my blog...

...all by myself!

Very proud of the way things have turned out and although it has been many hours of work I am thinking I am pretty much done for now. I even have a cute icon for my mailbox posts and for once a button I actually like! So please, take my button:
In The Next Room

Plus, now that I have my own button I am thinking swapping with other bloggers is a good idea, so let me know if that interests you.

I decided to combine some of my other loves besides reading into the layout, purple which is one of my two favourite colours (along with red, but I thought it made for a more cheerful blog) and flowers, as I am currently doing my masters in plant genetics so although I don't actually work with these specific flowers (pansies, incase you are curious), I do work with flowering plants.

Here's a sneak peek at my new design, but of course you should stop by the blog if you're reading this from a feed and check it out firsthand.

What do you think of In The Next Room's new look?


  1. Love the purple!!

  2. I love your new layout! Very cute!

  3. It looks awesome! I am a huge fan of purple.

  4. Great job, purple is my favourite colour. What widget do you chooe to have the link below it? I don't know how to do that.

  5. It looks awesome, Zoƫ! You did a fantastic job! I love the little flowers next to each blog post, and the circles! It turned out great! :D

  6. It's simple but beautiful. Love the pansies and the purple. Nicely done!

  7. It looks great! I love the shade of purple you chose. It's very distinct, and it's pale but at the same time very intense and captivating. Well done!


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