Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Author Mary Lindsey on Naming Characters

Character Names: Horace (Race) and Maude (Maddi)

Naming characters in Shattered Souls was complicated because Intercessors (both Speakers and Protectors) keep their names throughout multiple lifetimes. Many were inducted centuries ago, so I needed older names.

I wanted my characters (except the timeless Alden) to have names so dated, that they would be inclined to change them in modern times.

The naming of Horace and Maude came easily compared to others. My parents had me pretty late in life, just as their parents had done. That gave me World War I-era grandparents and great-grandparents who born in the1870’s.

Horace and Maude from Shattered Souls were named after my great-grandparents, Horace and Hettie McLain. (I believe they still spelled the name MacLean). The name Hettie was too cute, so I snagged the middle name, Maude, and used that instead.

Below are pictures of my great-grandparents from 1896 (at least that’s the date on the photos). The originals are too big to fit in my scanner and since there is glass, I had to take the photo from an angle to avoid glare.

Meet my great-grandparents, Horace and Maude:
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  1. Mary - how cool that you drew on family names and that they fit so perfectly. I always consider newer branches of the family tree when naming, and they feel a little "usual." I'll try going back a few generations to find those treasured monickers.


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