Monday, January 31, 2011

January Reading Wrap Up 2011

January was a fantastic month for me reading wise, and with the start of a new year I have decided to attempt monthly summary posts to share what I have been reading. This month I read 26 books:
  1. The Metropolis Case- Matthew Gallaway (January 4 2011) 
  2. The Memory Palace- Mira Bartok (January 6 2011)
  3. The Lotus Eaters- Tatjana Soli (January 8 2011)
  4. The Mother Who Stayed- Laura Furman (January 9 2011)
  5. XVI- Julia Karr (January 10 2011)
  6. Henry's Demons- Patrick Cockburn and Henry Cockburn (January 12 2011)
  7. The Girl in The Green Raincoat- Laura Lippman (January 12 2011)
  8. Crazy Beautiful- Lauren Bartaz-Logsted (January 13 2011)
  9. Major Pettigrew's Last Stand- Helen Simonson (January 13 2011)
  10. Twelve- Nick McDonell (January 14 2011)
  11. An Exclusive Love- Johanna Adorjan (January 15 2011)
  12. Angry Young Man- Chris Lynch (January 15 2011)
  13. Cryer's Cross- Lisa McMann (January 16 2011)
  14. The Woman in White- Wilkie Collins (January 17 2011)
  15. Once Dead, Twice Shy- Kim Harrison (January 18 2011) Audiobook
  16. Super Sad True Love Story- Gary Shteyngart (January 19 2011)
  17. Cloaked- Alex Flinn (January 19 2011)
  18. Under the Mercy Trees- Heather Newton (January 20 2011)
  19. Darkness Becomes Her- Kelly Keaton (January 21 2011)
  20. Small Wars- Sadie Jones (January 23 2011)
  21. Bride of New France- Suzanne Desrochers (January 24 2011) 
  22. Early to Death, Early to Rise- Kim Harrison (January 26 2011) Audiobook
  23. History of a Suicide- Jill Bialosky (January 26 2011)
  24. Wench- Dolen Perkins-Valdez (January 27 2011) 
  25. Lonely: Learning to Live with Solitude- Emily White (January 29 2011)
  26. Revolution: The Year I Fell in Love and Went to Join The War- Deb Olin Unferth (January 30 2011) 
Most of these do not have reviews posted yet, but with the exception of the last 3, I have already pre-written and scheduled all the reviews to post. I also finished up all my 2010 reviews which was a good feeling to have, and they have all been posted except The Weird Sisters for which my tour date is in February. I also participated in my first readalong this month for The Woman in White, and loved it so much I've got another one lined up already- even though it happens to be Dickens.

Some January Stats:
  • Adult Fiction: 12/26
  • Memoirs: 6/26
  • Young Adult: 8/26
  • Audio Books: 2/26
  • Short Story Collections: 1/26
  • Favourite Book of the Month: The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli
  • Nearly Favourite Books of the Month (Another Six I Really Loved): Revolution, History of a Suicide, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, The Metropolis Case, The Woman in White, Under the Mercy Trees
  • Books Purchased: Only ONE. I'm really proud of this. I bought The History of History which I am very excited for but which hasn't arrived yet. I spent $15.76.
I have a ton of great books lined up for February and I am excited to delve into them.

How did January treat you reading wise? What was your favourite book of the month? 


    1. Wow! You got a lot of reading done this month! I'm impressed.

    2. Now I understand why I am here almost everyday, wowsa you read fast. Keep it up.

    3. I like this feature. I hope you are able to keep up with it. The stats are really interesting.

    4. WOW...what a fantastic month and so many that are on my TBR list as well --well done.

    5. that is a lot of books! i have only read four this month, my favorite being The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan. nice to "meet" you!


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