Saturday, April 30, 2011

Product Review: Calphalon Bakeware

Nothing goes better with reading than a delicious home-made snack, so when I had the opportunity to pick something to review from CSN Stores, I immediately knew I'd be getting some bakeware. After reading some other reviews I decided to go with products made by Calphalon including Classic Bakeware Cookie Sheet and Cooling Rack Set, Classic Bakeware 16" Pizza Pan and Classic Bakeware Medium Loaf Pan. The only hesitation for Canadian buyers like myself is the necessary customs cost for international duties, although most items are still a good deal especially since many offer free shipping. If you live in the United States the prices would be particularly good. In terms of service, CSN shipped the items quickly and they were packaged well, so it was definitely a good experience.

When I got them my first impression was that the bakeware was must heavier and sturdier than I expected, I guess that is what happens when you are used to getting whatever is cheapest! I haven't used the Loaf Pan yet as I'm still waiting on a honey bread recipe, but I have tried out the Pizza Pan and Cookie Sheets and I'm in love. The Pizza Pan is extremely large at 16 inches, which I didn't quite realize when I ordered it, but it would definitely by useful for cooking a larger pizza. The best thing about it is that not only does it clean in a second, but it has tiny holes in the bottom so that your pizza gets nice and browned underneath. Delicious!

I tested out the Cookie Sheets and cooling racks with my first attempt at making snickerdoodles, and they did an amazing job. The cookie trays are very large, so I only had to use one of the two when baking and fit over a dozen cookies on it. If I'd wanted to rotate the two trays when cooking, I could have made over two dozen at a same time, which make the large trays really efficient for holiday baking, plus the fact that they come with matching large cooling racks is really convenient. I didn't have to grease the trays and just gently wiped them down with a soapy cloth after cooking, it was an incredibly easy clean up. No scrapping burnt bits away like I'm used to! Then I cuddled up with my cookies and a good book.

My cookies on my new awesome bakeware:
Overall a great experience and I highly recommend both CSN and Calphalon Bakeware.

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