Saturday, April 02, 2011

In My Mailbox (March 27th-April 2nd 2011)

After a calmer week last week, my mailbox was certainly busy this week! I'm starting April with a wonderful batch of books to read.

{For Review}
Zen and Xander Undone by Amy Kathleen Ryan (Thomas Allen & Sons)
The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder (Thomas Allen & Sons)
The Other Side of Blue by Valerie O. Patterson (Thomas Allen & Sons)
Underground by Antanas Sileika (Thomas Allen & Sons)
The Needle: Poems by Jennifer Grotz (ARC) (Thomas Allen & Sons)

A few cute YA books arrived for me that I am looking forward to reading. The Needle I've already read and loved, I'll have to spurge for a finished copy at some point.  I'm halfway through Underground and will likely finish it today, it's historical fiction inspired by the author's own family and tells a love story of two people working in the underground resistance of Lithuania during the mid-1940s.
The Intimates by Ralph Sassone (D&M Publishers Inc.)
Taller When Prone: Poems by Les Murray (D&M Publishers Inc.)
Volt: Stories by Alan Heathcock (D&M Publishers Inc.)
Rain: Poems by Don Paterson (D&M Publishers Inc.)
Double Shadow: Poems by Carl Phillips (D&M Publishers Inc.)

I was really excited for the three collections of poetry that arrived in my mailbox this week. They will hopefully all be featured throughout April during National Poetry Month although the month is filling fast. The Intimates is a story about two people who become each others "human diaries" which sounds incredibly interesting as does Volt, which is a collection of realistic short stories.
Please Look After My Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin (Random House Canada)
Flip by Martyn Bedford (Random House Canada)
Touch by Alexi Zentner (Random House Canada)
Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay (TLC Tours)
Thoughts Without Cigarettes by Oscar Hijuelos (ARC) (TLC Tours)

Please Look After My Mom was a best-seller in Korea which is pretty cool and I don't think I have read any Korean fiction before so I am excited to read it. Flip is YA and supposed to be really good, about a guy who wakes up in somebody else's body six months after he remembers going to bed; however it's not a Freaky Friday story but more about questioning who you are and what your identity really is. Touch is supposed to be incredible, a story that takes ahold of your imagination and your heart, it's by a Canadian author and takes place over three generations in Northern BC, so I am definitely curious to read it. Russian Winter is historical fiction and Thoughts Without Cigarettes is a memoir and both for blog tours and sound interesting so look for reviews for those in the coming months.

Overall it was a busy but lovely week for my mailbox. I definitely have my reading lined up for me.

How was your mailbox this week? Feel free to leave links in the comments so I can visit back.


  1. I love historical fiction. And I'm definitely going to try Russian Winter. All your books sound great.
    кєяo's Book Blog

  2. Hi,

    Alot of books I haven't heard of. Enjoy:)


  3. got so many books.
    Zen and Xander Undone cover is lovely. I'd love to read it

    IMM #10

  4. I really want to read The Lipstick Laws! I hope you enjoy! Great IMM!

  5. Such an interesting collection! So many are new to me. I'll be eager to read what you think of them My mailboxes are here and here. Happy reading!

  6. You got some really great books. I really want to read Lipstick Laws. It looks good.


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