Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton

I'm a big fan of the tumblr, so of course I had to pick up I Am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton, the book featuring the same adorable little cat and cartoons. In terms of how Pusheen translate into book-form, it succeeds but doesn't excel. Although I read an e-copy, this would make a great coffee table book or gift for a cat lover. The cartoons are cute and funny, just like they are online. But there's no animation to them the way that Pusheen moves in the online images, and those movements are just really adorable. There is a lot of repetitive in the book from online, but if you love the online stuff, that's not really issue, I just wanted a little more original content. It also sorta attempts a storyline to Pusheen, but doesn't quite make it there. That's okay. I'm fine with Pusheen just being adorable moments like these:

I Am Pusheen the Cat is a cute book, but it's still the sort of thing I prefer in online format. That's okay. The Pusheen website is still there. And for big fans or for helping having a little bit of the Pusheen happiness offline, this book works. It's impossible to pick up Belton's book and be sad. That's good enough for me.

Release Date: November 1st 2013 Pages: 176  Format: Egalley
Source: Edelweiss  Publisher: Touchstone Buy It: Book Depository

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