Friday, March 08, 2013

Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock

A lesser-known fact about me: I'm a Theatre minor! I am really passionate about the theatrical world, where I've been involved since I was 13. Acting, stage managing, costuming, make-up, construction, run crew--been there, done it all! So I was really excited to get the opportunity to discuss a play I read and enjoyed here on In the Next Room. Hopefully, this will be the first play of many I'll review for the site!

Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock is still a fairly new play, first staged by Roundabout Theatre Company to many positive reviews. Since then, Rosenstock has gone on to cement her position as a writer, most notably for the hit show "The New Girl" starring Zooey Deschanel. And believe me, if you enjoy "The New Girl," you'll love this play.

Rosenstock's dark humor and sensitivity to nuances in character is showcased as she tells the story of Sherry, a recent graduate with a failing job search. After being so disheartened that she moves home and retreats to her childhood bed, Sherry gets her first position as an art therapist, a job that galvanizes her into renewed hope and optimism. Throughout the play, she tries to bring this attitude to her resistant first patient, her depressed and overweight mother, and her grieving sister, who was abandoned by her fiance and struggling to come to terms with the break-up. As if that wasn't enough for one person to deal with, a tiger has escaped from the local zoo!

What really stood out to me in this comedy were the relationships between characters. They were humorous and stretched the bounds of reality, but in a good way--I would love to see this staged! Not only that, but there are real moments of unexpected poignancy that stuck with me after the play ended. Tigers Be Still may not be a theatrical masterpiece, but it was an enjoyable read with strong high points. I'd suggest checking it out, especially if it is playing on a stage near you.

I leave you with this, my favorite quote from the entirety of the script:

Recommended to: people who follow "The New Girl," anyone who enjoys a darker brand of comedy, recent grads desperate for jobs, people who want to ease into the practice of reading plays

Book Type: NYP Price: $20.00 ISBN/Code: 978-0-8222-2540-9

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