Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Girl Who Could Silence The Wind by Meg Medina

A very unique and powerful story, I have definitely never read anything like Meg Medina's debut novel, The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind.

The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind is the story of sixteen-year-old Sonia, a girl who spends her time praying for the sick and the missing in her small village– not thinking about boys or even her own future. It's all because of when she was born, on the night of a terrible storm that stopped after her birth. Now everyone thinks she has magical powers, but Sonia knows the truth: she's a fake. Desperate to escape the guilt of her conscience and the knowledge that she has no special powers, Sonia travels to the city to work for a wealthy woman. At first, the difficult job is the escape she's always dreamed of, but then her brother goes missing while looking for work himself. Now, magical powers or not, Sonia has to do everything she can to save him.

One of my favourite things about The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind was Sonia, I just really connected with her. Even though I've never even been to the type of village she was from, let alone lived there, I think that most people have felt the kind of pressure she is under– the fear that everyone has faith in you for a false reason, the doubt that you can live up to their exceptions, that feeling of not being what you are supposed to be (and what everyone else thinks you are). That kind of emotion is universal, and Medina captures it with perfect clarity. Still, despite her fears, or maybe because of them– Sonia is a strong woman facing incredible odds and it is really emotional to read about her journey.

It's not just Sonia's story that is emotional though, it's the whole book. The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind is rich and developed even though it's not that long I felt like it was just full of story and life. Each of the characters is struggling in their own way, and the end result is absolutely heart-breaking. I especially loved the relationships between Sonia and her brother, and Sonia and her friend from school, Pancho. Medina's writing was just perfect for this story, and the ending was so realistic it hurt. Overall, The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind is a story of hope and love, one that is beautifully written and richly rewarding that in the end Medina leaves the reader emotionally changed by her words in the way that the best authors do. 

Release Date: March 13th 2012  Pages: 256  Format: Hardcover
: Publisher  Publisher: Candlewick  Buy It: Book Depository


  1. This definitely sounds somewhat different from your average read. And the title sounds all sorts of dreamy. Great review!

    Skyway Avenue Reads

  2. Sounds like you really connected and identified with, which always make the reading experience that much better. Thanks for a great review!


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