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The Thirteen by Susie Moloney

The Thirteen by Susie Moloney

Release Date
: June 7th 2011
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Random House Canada
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When Paula Wittmore goes home to Haven Woods to care for a suddenly ailing mother, she brings her daughter and a pile of emotional baggage. She also brings the last chance for twelve of her mother's closest frenemies, who like to keep their numbers at thirteen. And her daughter Rowan– young, innocent– is a worthy gift to the darkness.
The Thirteen was one of those delicious novels that sucked me in right away. Moloney also managed an awesome POV, that was third person but switched between what character the reader got insight into, which made everyone (especially Paula and Rowan, but also many of the more sinister characters) intriguing and relateable in some way. I found every character in the novel– and there were a lot of them– unique, even if there were a few that made me uncomfortable... mostly one lady who had her fingers falling off. Gross!

It's not a spoiler because it's clearly indicated even on the cover of the book, but I really wish that this book didn't advertise it was about witches. That's because the majority of the book is so perfectly creepy and mysterious, and already knowing what the "ah-ha" moment was seemed unnecessary and took away some of the excitement. I don't usually read adult paranormal fiction, but I just loved Moloney's writing, which is what made The Thirteen so delectable and easy to read. The story flows smoothly and there is an interesting technique used with thoughts in parenthesis or italics which generally worked well.

Unfortunately, I did feel like near the end of The Thirteen there was one big collision of everything being revealed at once and as a result there's still a few aspects I'm unclear on (if anyone else has read this and wants to let me know, I'd love to clarify! Ha) which is a frustrating way to end a book. The epilogue especially felt unnecessary to me, but maybe it is leaving room for a sequel?

Ultimately, enjoyed the majority of The Thirteen immensely, so I'd definitely be willing to try a book 2, or another novel by Moloney, even if the last chunk of the book was rushed for my taste.


  1. I didn't even realize this was already out! I've only seen the newer cover with the chick's face on it, and the glowing eyes...which looks kind of creepy. It still sounds like a good book, even if it does have a rushed ending, so I think I'm gonna give this one a try to....eventually, once I bump a large chunk off my to-read pile. :P lol

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Zoë! :)

    1. Ambur, I actually though this might be one you'd enjoy. It reminds me a little of Graveminder, even though I haven't read that, I just feel like they'd have a similar audience? The new cover is definitely more paranormal-y, but I actually like this one better (it's the one I have too!) the two dogs and the creepy cat fit much better with the story. But yeah, no rush for this one, but I did really enjoy it even if the ending was too rushed.


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