Sunday, December 11, 2011

My (Unintended) Hiatus

So this blog has been pretty dead lately! And there's a good reason for that: it's a book blog, and I haven't been reading much these days. I have three major excuses:
  1. NaNoWriMo (I won! And am now editing my novel)
  2. Thesis (Apparently finishing a masters is a lot of work)
  3. Health (Despite having been diagnosed with celiac several months back and going gluten free, my iron has actually gone down even further and I fainted early this week)
Right now #2 and #3 are taking priority, and as much as I'm hoping to get to #1 it is definitely on the back burner until I finish my masters. Unfortunately, so is this blog. I'm hoping to update as much as I can and continue to read when I get the chance, but my thesis is due March 1st so I suspect I will be pretty busy till then! Just wanted to elaborate on my absence and explain what is going on and that I hope to be back regularly as soon as I can.

Happy December and Happy Reading Everyone.


  1. You WON, Congratulations, how exciting is that. Sorry I missed this announcement. :-)

    Good luck with your thesis, that is hard work, definitely wish you the best.

    Heath changes sometimes takes a long time but then you get it right and forget. I hope you don't have anymore fainting spells though.

    Take care, Happy Holidays

  2. Congrats again on Nanowrimo! :D And, that thesis has just been kicking your butt lately! At least you'll be done in time to go see The Hunger Games! :D Oh no! That sucks about your iron...and you've had steak so often and all that, so weird! Hopefully they can give you supplements or something that will help! I can't believe you fainted though! That must have been so scary! :S

    Well, hopefully I'll talk to you occasionally in between now and March 1st, but I'll still say Happy Holidays to you, too! :D

  3. Zoe, you continually amaze me! I too am editing my novel - but this one took me seven years to write, not a month... It's coming out in the fall, finally.

  4. Sending you joyful healing vibes my friend! Happy holidays!


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