Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Double Take (1)

I've seen plenty of features like this around so usually when I stumble across a duplicate it's already been shared, but this is a new one I just noticed. I found it interesting that they are both new releases, one is a YA 2011, and the other Adult 2012. Both are debuts, however the cover for Forgotten is from the UK edition. I find the girl with the red hair particularly striking.
The Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davey (Harlequin) VS. Forgotten by Cat Patrick (Egmont Books Ltd)

I prefer first cover in this case, I find Forgotten a little odd, the girl is in colour except for her back. They've also manipulated the photo to add higher sleeves to the dress and over-contrasted the hair. I like the vivid sky in the Davey title as well.

Here's the original image for comparison:
And another one from the same shoot I found:
Have you seen any cover doubles around lately? Out of these two, do you have a favourite?


  1. This is pretty cool, i like the second cover with the two girls. Their both pretty though.

  2. I too like the Forgotten Cover! I have seen a few other covers that use almost identical images but I can't remember for which books.


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