Saturday, May 14, 2011

In My Mailbox (May 8th-14th 2011)

{For Review}
Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton (Random House Canada)
The Better Mother by Jen Sookfong Lee (Random House Canada)
One Day by David Nicholls (Random House Canada)
The Rules of the Tunnel by Ned Zeman (ARC) (TLC Tours)
Letters to my Daughters by Fawzia Koofi (D&M Publishers Inc.)
Close Your Eyes by Amanda Eyre Ward (ARC) (TLC Tours)
Whole Foods to Thrive by Brendan Brazier (Penguin Canada)

I've already read (and loved) Blood Magic, and the finished cover of this dark and creepy YA is absolutely gorgeous, I'll be publishing my review closer to the release date but it is definitely one of my favourites so far this year, incredible debut! The Better Mother is by Canadian author Sookfong Lee, a story about two misfits, and not only do I love supporting my country's literature but it sounds absolutely incredible. The movie for One Day is coming out this summer, so there's a pretty new edition of the book with Anna Hathaway and Jim Sturgess on the cover, I'm excited to have a chance to read it before the film comes out!

I love memoirs and The Rules of the Tunnel sounds really interesting, my tour date for the book isn't til August but I am excited to read it and share my thoughts then. Letters to my Daughters is also a memoir by an Afghan politician that sounds like it will be very powerful. Close Your Eyes is a thrilling mystery I've been looking forward, and the last book, Whole Foods to Thrive, is a not only a cookbook but has chapters on things like food sustainability and the environment.

Boy Heaven by Laura Kasischke
You Be Me: Friendship in the Lives of Teen Girls edited by Susan Musgrave

I bought these two taking advantage of the Book Depository 10% and ordered works by two authors I had previously read and loved. Boy Heaven is a YA by Kasischke, whose The Raising I read earlier this year (I also bought A Perfect World by her, so you can tell how much I loved her prose). You Be Me is a collection of essays edited by Canadian poet Susan Musgrave, whose most recent work is Origami Dove. I am definitely looking forward to reading both. Click here to learn about the 10% off on the Book Depository currently going on, I'll definitely be ordering a couple more books!

What was in your mailbox this week? Leave a link so I can stop by and check it out.

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